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OUR PROGRAMS (click on each one to find out more)

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We believe that collective action creates meaningful change. Here’s how you can get involved in our programs, support our initiatives, and contribute to our mission:

Participate in Core Programs:

  1. Baking Project: Join our baking classes or book our pancake stall for your events.
  2. Sewing Project: Enroll in our sewing classes or request sewing and embroidery services.
  3. Agricultural Project: Volunteer at our community gardens or purchase fresh, organic produce.
  4. One Life Recovery: Attend our support groups or become a facilitator to help those in need.
  5. Recycling Program: Support our recycling efforts by contributing recyclable materials or volunteering.
  6. Annual Medical Clinic: Donate your time or resources to our free medical clinics.
  7. Life Changer: Purchase or distribute Life Boat Vouchers to support the homeless community.
  8. Street Ministry: Volunteer for evening ministry sessions or donate resources to support our outreach efforts.
  9. Emergency Aid and Crisis Intervention: Volunteer for relief efforts or contribute funds and resources to support affected communities.
  10. Operation Christmas Child: Contribute gift-filled shoeboxes or support our initiatives to bring joy to children in need.

Support Our Foundation:

  1. Financial Contributions: Make monetary donations to support our programs and initiatives. Your generosity enables us to continue our work and reach more individuals in need.
  2. Donations of Goods and Services: Donate essential goods, equipment, or services that can aid in our projects and initiatives.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities: Offer your time, skills, and expertise by volunteering for various projects, events, or administrative tasks. 

Spread the Word:

  1. Social Media Advocacy: Follow us on social media, share our posts, and help raise awareness about our foundation and programs.
  2. Word of Mouth: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about One Life Foundation and encourage them to get involved or support our cause.
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